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CAIRO’s expertise lies in our ability to provide services that empower people to positively transform their lives. We encourage our program staff to harness the full potential of our community to put them on a path to success at whatever stage of life they are in. The resiliency of the community we serve continues to impress and encourage us.



It is the mission of the Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization (CAIRO) to advocate for and act to increase equity and social justice through programs, services, community organizing and collaborative leadership that create equitable opportunities for all African refugees and immigrants to thrive.



Our vision for a more just and equitable society that embraces the cultural wealth and lived experience of the community members is based on these guiding principles and values:

We encourage community inputs and participation. Our Services are informed by and with the voice of the community in mind. We will be flexible with our delivery and responsive to our changing community demands and issues.

We strive to ensure that our systems, structures and those of partnerships actively support the capacity of communities to be their own advocates.

We have a grounded confidence in our ability to inform through our cultural wealth and lived experiences. We  promote the preservation of our own cultural identity cognizant of the diversity in the society within which we operate and live in. We treat each other fairly. We listen to and act on the opinions of others.

We believe in our community’s ability to withstand and recover from past adverse experiences. We draw upon our individual, and collective competencies to cope with, adapt to, and develop from the demands, challenges and changes encountered in our past and current lives.

We believe that the CAIRO causes and the issues we address should be held by the whole, not just our staff or community members. Our advocacy and service delivery is firmly rooted in our belief that it takes a village to raise the child.

Data-driven service advocacy, program designs and decisions through research, community needs assessments, leadership council


CAIRO is a  community-based organization that engages, elevates, and empowers th African immigrant and refugee communities with hope, inspiring them to rise above the circumstances that challenge them in these key priority areas: 

economic development


Building a path to success through the creation of wealth and stability from which community benefits are realized.

This includes:

equitable education


Addressing the opportunity gaps for academic success and community excellence through engagement and empowerment.

This includes:


Eliminating health disparities through helping our community attain their full health potential.

This includes:



Come join us. Whether it is one-time or for a long time, your support and involvement matters.


Join us to provide services that empower people to positively transform their lives. Your tax-deductible contribution of any size is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Whether it is one time or more than once, you matter. Contact us to let us know how you would like to be involved.


Tell us what you have to offer to someone just starting out as an entrepreneur or a new career, and we can find the right match for you.