opportunities for inclusive growth and development equity, ensuring every voice is heard to broadening access to essential services growth equity driving school

More equitable
& just society

that reinforces the cultural wealth  and lived experience of the  whole family.

Advocate for
& act to

increase equity and social justice for BIPOC and low income communities

What Makes Us Different?

Our values infuse our mission with integrity and innovation, distinguishing our approach as we empower diverse communities


We encourage community inputs and participation. Our Services are informed by and with the voice of the community in mind.

Social Sustainability

We strive to ensure that our systems, structures, and those of partnerships actively support the capacity of communities to be their own advocates.

Cultural Wealth

We have a grounded confidence in our ability to inform through our cultural wealth and lived experiences. We treat each other fairly.

Unbreakable Resilience

We believe in our community’s ability to withstand and recover from past adverse experiences.


Creating Equitable Opportunities for All

Out of a community conversation, CAIRO has grown into a pillar of strength, advocacy, and support for those we serve.

Our mission was born from the collective stories and struggles of our communities—stories of resilience, hope, and the relentless pursuit of equity. These narratives have not only shaped our organization’s ethos but have also ignited a powerful movement towards genuine inclusion and social justice.

Abdikadir Bashir
Abdikadir Bashir.

Abdikadir Bashir

Founder & Executive Director


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Explore some of our dynamic projects, where innovation meets impact. Discover how we’re making a difference.

teacher teaching in a class

CAIRO supported my academic, emotional, and mental excellence.

K-12 student, St. Cloud,MN

We Empower Communities to Become
Self-advocates and Catalysts for Change



Committed to Collective Impact

United in purpose, CAIRO amplifies its mission through strategic partnerships and the generous support of our funders. Together, we forge paths toward transformative change, showcasing the power of collaboration in driving societal progress.

Unite with us

for a collective commitment to systemic and sustainable change

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