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We firmly believe that the success of community development and participatory governance depends on both a robust state and an active civil society with healthy levels of civic engagement. Our culturally responsive advocacy and civic engagement initiatives provide our communities an opportunity to inform leaders of established institutions about how to engage our newcomers and help influence and develop resources for increasing their active participation.

At the heart of CAIRO’s mission is a value-driven community organizing that awakens the vibrant and potent force within the African immigrant and Refugee (AIR) communities by helping them identify pressing issues, and then building their capacity to solve problems and foster social integration.

We strongly believe in using activism and grassroots organizing as a foundation for building resilience in our AIR communities. Through our events and forums, our staff engages the African diverse communities with the issues that affect them and mobilizes them to take action. Our grassroots organizing is founded on and informed by our endless endeavor to engage, educate and empower for collective impact in equitable education, health equity and economic justice.